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Cruzer Review – A route setters perspective.

Over the past few months I’ve been using a pair of the Evolv Cruzers to route set in. Here is a little review if you’ve seen these shoes and would like to know more.

The question of what to wear on your feet whilst route setting is more commonly debated than you might think. I’ve seen long discussions about it on internet websites and forums. Normal climbing shoes are a bit impractical when you consider a lot of the job is climbing ladders and shifting heavy crates, not to mention a typical day will be from 8 till 3. The other side of the coin, however, is that whilst setting it is entirely normal to want to pull on and test a move every so often – rigging boots are going to be no good here!

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Various colours are available 

In the past my solution to this was to wear what I wore for everything else – skate shoes. Climbing in skate shoes is a bit of an art in itself, and with a bit of practice you can get quite good at it! But there’s only so much you can do in them. More recently I have switched to various “crossover” shoes such as the FiveTen Dæsent (or the Evolv Cruzer!) You can still wear these shoes down the pub but as they are designed by climbing shoe manufactures they often have climbing shoe traits, such as sticky rubber on the sole or a toe box designed with edging in mind!

So lets get down to it – what are the Cruzers like? Well I really like them. The soft canvas upper design combined with the lacing system gives a nice snug fit not unlike a beginner climbing shoe. This is also partly due to the thin flexible midsole which gets away from the approach shoe / hiking boot feel. I’ve been setting in them for a couple of months now and I can comfortably test a wide variety of moves in them whilst setting, including heel and toe hooks. They edge well too and the sole is nice and sticky (TRAX rubber). The very front of the shoe has a nice area with no tread (just like a climbing shoe) enabling you to stand well on smeary footholds as well.

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I would recommend the shoe to any route setters out there. I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to assume they would also perform well on easier sport routes for warming up or a big day out soloing. Incidentally they weigh very little so would be great clipped to a harness compared with heavier shoes. With that said, lets not get carried away, there is no way I would wear them for climbing on the 55 degree beastmaker board or one of our hard circuit slabs – they are not a shoe specifically designed for rock climbing. They are, however, a shoe designed with climbing below your grade in mind and that you can wear all day (I actually think they look quite trendy). The final great thing about them is the price – only £55.00

We’ve added these to our stock range at Eden Rock as we think you will love them as much as we do – come and try a pair on!