Eden Rock Christmas Market 4th - 17th Dec


Keep it local and support independent businesses this Christmas! Our 3rd annual Christmas market will open its stalls to you on the 4th December un till the 17th December. We have many of our previous craftspersons returning with their beautifully made goods. We also have a handful of new and exciting contributors to boot! Have a look below to decide which of our fantastic artisans you could purchase your chirstmas shopping from this year.

Sarah Robley - Printmaker

PrintsSarah Robley is a Cumbrian Printmaker primarily working in lino. Her minimalist, illustrative prints are inspired by the natural world and Folk Art. See her work here.

Shaun Parkin - Sculptor and Ceramics

Shaun Parkin Sculptor Prop And Costume Designer Maker Ceramics Climber Teapot And Cups

Shaun has worked as a designer, maker and educator for the past 20 years, continually  honing his skills as a sculptor working in clay. The fluidity and organic nature of this medium allows the development of ideas to continue throughout the process of creation. Inspired by the sculptural qualities of the rocks and boulders where he explores his passion for climbing and the outdoors, his ceramics attempts to explore the subtly of nature's patterns, colours, forms, and textures. Find his website here .

Lee Smith - Bee Keeper and Purvayor of Cumbrian Honey

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He may be more familiar to you for his skilled wood working and design, but Lee is also a keeper of bees! This year at our Christmas market, he will be selling Honey harvested from his own bees. It is local, sustainable and delicious, we can vouch for that!

Cave Fox Climbing Holds

Based in Cumbria, UK, we make funky artificial climbing holds for use both 2016 12 08 12.48.55domestically and commercially. Many of the holds are designed around the characteristics and intricacies of local crags.

Colour their day - Cards

Colour Their Day is home to a collection of unique, original and personalised ranges of greetings Penguin Christmas 500x500cards, prints and gifts designed by Andrea Martin. Her aim is to create an array of fun, vibrant and colourful products that will brighten up your day or the day of someone you know. All the greetings cards,  are designed, printed and manufactured up north, in Carlisle, Cumbria.

Pilgrims Coffee

Your search for the perfect cup of coffee just got one step closer.

CoffeeOn the Holy Island of Lindisfarne in Northumberland, the Pilgrims Coffee team, love finding the best coffee beans on the market. They roast these beans to perfection in small batches to ensure they taste superb. They believe that coffee world is much like the wine world. Once you choose to explore the potentials, you soon realise it's never ending. The flavours vastly vary with: variety, region, soil type, washing process, season to season and so much more.

We hope you enjoy Pilgrims Coffee as much as we do (its the delicious bean we use in our cafe)!

Lakeland Mues

MuesAfter toasting up several batches in their mothers' kitchens and bagging a spot at Keswick Market, it wasn't long before Lakeland Mues couldn't resist taking their love of luxurious toasted muesli to the world. Their muesli is perfect for any active lifestyle, a Scafell summit snack, 4pm office pick-me-up, or lazy weekend indulgence. You'll find them in hotels, delicatessens, farm shops and food halls throughout the Lake District, Cumbria (and at our christmas market too).


1000 Series Feb2015 Small Large

They need little introduction... world class wooden holds and revolutionary fingerboards. Made in the UK with wood from responsibly managed forests, they endeavour to minimise their environmental impact and get all their electricity from 100% renewable sources (mostly wind farms). Awesome, sustainable training products, what more would a climber want for their Christmas?

Sarah Varian Crochet and Knitwear

Well, what boulder would be seen dead without a good beanie (winter or summer apparently)? If you buy one of Sarah's beanies or headbands, you will never find someone with one the same one, we can assure you of that. From lairy to subtle, with pom poms or without there are many for you to chose from. You can see a few of the beanies and headbands that Sarah makes if you look carefully at the photo at the top of the page.

Davina's Skincare and Balms

Our instructor and youth team coach Davina creates her own skincare products, multitalented hey? Cold weather and rough rock has definitely left our skin crying out for some TLC. Why not come and see what she has to offer and treat yourself or your favourite climbing buddy this chilly festive season?