Winter Bouldering Series: Round 3 Round Up

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Inclement weather conditions set in, but many of you made it through the snow and accidents on the M6 for round 3. Aptly, the comp was set with white holds and the problems were described by contestants as 'flowy', 'techy' and 'varied'. The set will be reset on the 31st Jan, so you still have a week to come and work any that you tried on the day.Img 3360

In the women's 18-50 category, Gem Smith is striding out ahead though second and third place are still drawing pretty close. In the Ladies senior category there is a mere 30 points between Caroline Smith, currently in 1st place and Bronwen Blake in 2nd.

First, second and third place in the mens 18-50 category are steadily breaking away from what we would call, if we were road bikers, the main peloton. However, should some of the competitors from the first two round come and send hard in the next two comps, this gap could easily close and podium places could shuffled round.

Img 3365As for the mens under 18s category,  if Ben Wilson  carries on the way he's going for the next two rounds, it will take a Herculean effort to beat him to first place. Any heroes under 18 and blessed by the Grecian deities welcome to come give it a go though...

Demi Gods aside, it's not all about the wining and it was great to see some new faces getting stuck in and having a laugh. As always, please feel welcome to come and take part in any number of the rounds. 

Round 4 will be set on yellow holds and takes place on Friday 16th Feb

See you there!

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