Winter bouldering Series: Round Up Round Two

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It was great to see lots of you down at Eden Rock for round two of our Winter Bouldering League. An awesome effort was made by all who took part. 

Some new entrants shook up the scores a little, but the top 3 over 50's ladies remain neck and neck! The 18-15 mens category is still pretty close and in all categories there is still everything to play for.  If you know a female under 18 who is psyched (or even just intrigued) then give them a lift here next time! It would be really great to see more young women taking part and sending. 😀 

As with round two, it would be great to see even more people here for Round Three. So if you already compete, why not bring down a friend who's new to the WBS and introduce them to the fun!

Round Three kicks off on white holds at 4pm on Fri 19th Jan 2018!

See you there. 

If your score doesn't appear, your name is incorrect or you have any questions, just ask at reception or click here to get in touch.

Round Two Scores and current totals
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Screen Shot 2017 12 18 At 16.17.06
Screen Shot 2017 12 18 At 17.26.37
Screen Shot 2017 12 18 At 16.27.06