• Purple(3 - 5+) Sep 27 until Nov 28

    RL & OL

    Purple Setting2

    Big hands, big feet and all nice and friendly. This is the perfect place to start if you are new to bouldering. This circuit also works well as a warm up or even an aerobic workout (think they're easy? Try doing them all in 30mins!). We've just added a load of new holds into this circuit as well so there are more problems than ever!

    Holds: CORE

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  • Green(4 - 6a+) Sep 27 until Nov 28

    OL & RL

    Green For Web

    Introducing techniques such as crossing through, drop knees and even the odd undercut, this circuit is perfect for beginners and intermediate alike. Everyone should be able to engage with the lovely flowing moves on this circuit. This time round we've set longer problems that wander around the wall a bit so be prepared for a power endurance session!

    The current set includes quite a few challenges as well as some more easier climbs. Look out for our new screw on holds for extra small feet (and in some cases hands) to really drill your technique, which should help with learning how to climb some of the harder colours! 

    Holds: CORE

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  • Yellow(5 - 6b+) Nov 08 until Jan 02

    RL, DV, OL & KM

    Yellow Setting2

    With some recent additions the holds on this set are amazing!

    We really love setting this circuit and think these problems are great. Generally quite pinchy and slopey, this is a circuit for those who don't like to crimp!

    Holds: CORE

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  • White(6a - 6c) Sep 13 until Nov 21

    MS, KV, DV, OL, MM

    White Settingreducedfilesize

    Take some pinches, slopers and jugs, mix it up with a bit of technique and some burrrl and you've got the white circuit. Holds: AXIS

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  • Blue(6a - 6c) Oct 25 until Dec 27

    MS, KM, DV & OL

    Blue Setting 1edit

    Crimpy and technical… we love it! Those who like small holds will love our blues. Great training for the limestone!

    Holds: Expression and now.... Core!

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  • Red(6b - 7b+) Oct 04 until Dec 19

    DV, MS & KM

    Red Settingreducedfilesize

    A good mix of technical & powerful problems with a subtle hint of comp style thrown in for good measure. This set has been upgraded to compensate for our normal hard circuit being used as the current WBS Round 3 Enjoy :-)

    Holds: Expression + CORE

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  • Black(6c - 7c) Oct 01 until Dec 14

    MS, KM, DV, OL & RL

    Black Holds

    If you've done any of these then well done! Blacks are the hardest set at Eden Rock so you must be going well. Slopers and compression with the odd crimp thrown in, these are a nightmare (a beautiful nightmare).

    Holds: AXIS

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  • Organic Circuit Board(5- 9a (sport)) Oct 18 until Feb 13

    MS, OL & RH

    386842 10100312465224592 445201707 NWelcome to the biggest circuit board in the UK. This offers a different kind of challenge to the regular bouldering circuits. Long sport route style climbs - but without the clipping! Perfect for gaining a bit of endurance fitness rather than power. The climbs are individually graded on a sheet next to the board and also below. This wall is sponsored by Organic. We've doubled the length of time these circuits are up for as people are keen to keep working them.

    Current grades (french sport)

    • Purple - 5+
    • Green - 6a
    • Yellow - 6c+
    • White - 6c
    • Pink - 7c (jugs) 8a (no jugs)
    • Blue - 7a
    • Black - 7c 
    • Red - 7b/b+
    • Wood 8b+ (bottom) 8b (top) 9a (full loop)
    • Plus many link up variations!!