The Facilities

Here at Eden Rock we aim to provide a great standard of climbing for every level of climber. With areas dedicated to kids, beginners, advanced and pro climbers.
As a bouldering only wall, no ropes or harnesses are needed. We hire out all the necessary equipment you’ll need.
With over 1000m2 of bouldering space in a building of over 13,000sft, Eden Rock is one of the largest dedicated bouldering walls in England.

Beginner Room

This is where we start you climbing, out of the way of prying eyes, not to high and not too hard. When you decide you’d like to climb a little harder and a little higher, break free into the main area and crush some problems.
This is also the setting for our kids clubs. Climbing walls are fun, but can be dangerous when people are careless, like anything. So this area is separated from the main area, leaving us and the kids to relax a little as they learn the key skills to climbing like a monkey.

Training Room

Rainy days should be a problem no more for you climbing addicts, Eden Rock boasts one of the world’s best training boards created and designed by Beastmaker, so you can keep on climbing strong.
The room has two boards in, a 55 and a 45, a campus board and of course the Beastmaker 1000 and 2000 series finger boards.

Fitness Area

Our brand new fitness area has arrived (well, some of it!). We have updated our campus board with large, medium, small and tiny rungs. The peg board that shares this 16ft wide whopper is still to be built but boy, are we excited! 

A calisthenics area with bars, TRX suspension trainers, gym rope, treadmill, bike, assisted pull-up machine, rowing machine and free weights is coming very soon. 

Main Room

The main area contains over 600sqm of climbing. It doesn't matter if you're 7 or 70, there’s something for everyone. The wall has over 240 problems, and a new circuit put up weekly. Including one of the best wooden circuits in the world for you advanced climbers out there. Handmade wooden holds and volumes lovingly created by our team and sourced from,well, our gardens (its all about recycling). We also have a world class comp wall and a great circuits board.

We have toilet and changing facilities, and a well stocked shop; filled with everything you could want or need.