About the team

Katie Mundy

KatieCo-owner of Eden Rock, Katie was born and raised in sunny Northumberland. Loves climbing, snowboarding, bobble hats and coffee. Kindly sponsored by Beta climbing, Tenaya and Snap.

Rich Lanham

Richard Assistant manager, coach extraordinaire and personal fitness trainer Rich is the man with a plan. Now setting routes at Eden you'll find out his style of climbing is 'funky'. He's also the head coach of our fabulous Youth Team.

Dan Varian

DanDoesn't need much of an introduction; Co founder of Beastmaker, and he's not a bad climber either. Sponsored by Scarpa.

Gem Smith

Dsc 0149 Horticulturist Gem when not covered in mud is covered in chalk. Coach for the infamous Eden Rock Ladies Night and scoffer of cakes.

Owain Lewis

OwainOur most relaxed edition to Eden Rock. Owain is a poet, short story writer, lover of (some) jazz and super keen climber. And a budding barrista, be sure to compliment him on his latte art.

Gemma Grewar

Gemma Grewer Working to become a mountain goddess Gemma is coaching at Eden and creating lots of climbing challenges for kids and adults alike.

Sam Melville

Sam Climber, mountaineer, kayaker...general outdoors man Sam when not in the great outdoors will now be found at Eden dispensing knowledge and wisdom, left, right and centre.

Rosie Helmore

Rosie Super strong Rosie (a.k.a mother of Dexter the Dog) has started coaching and setting for Eden whilst teaching Spanish freelance. You'll see her floating up walls making it look a breeze.

Abbie Taylor

Abbie Abbie has graduated from our Youth Team to staff member, you'll see her behind the desk with a huge smile on her face. She's a dab hand at a perfect americano (you can never have too much crema!).

Laura Armitage

LauraLaura is our pizza chef. She handles the pizza dough like a pro.

Johnny Blakey

JonnybJonny, an instructor who is always full of energy and smiles is also our resident artist. He is currently transforming the kids room.

Alex Moore

AlexAlex, our super strong instructor from Cornwall who can tell you about any crag in the South West! Normally found at the 'Stone' most evenings!

Sian Comerford

SianSian is our resident yoga instructor and can often be found doing crazy core exercises in the fitness area. Sian is looking forward to an epic bouldering trip to Switzerland this year!

Davina Mouat

Coming Soon