Registration is the first step to climbing at Eden Rock. Everyone who uses the centre must fill out a registration form: members, guests, adults, kids and one-off visitors.

Fill out your registration forms online and save time on your first visit to the centre. That way, you can get stuck into the climbing straight away and avoid queueing during busy times!

Please don't print these forms.

Under-18s will also need a signed parental consent form to climb at the centre. Please fill in this form for your first visit as we can't let under-18s climb without it.

Adult climbers

Fill out this form if you are 18+ years old.

Adult Sign-Up Form »


Supervised under-18s

Parent/guardian fill out this form for your child to take part in supervised climbing at Eden Rock.

Supervised Child Sign-Up »

14–17-year-old Unsupervised

14-17 year olds will need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian on their first visit to the centre to fill out their registration form if they want to climb unsupervised.

Experienced climbers aged 14-17 will need to complete a competency check on their first visit, so please contact us to book this.

Beginners aged 14-17 will need to complete an induction course before climbing unsupervised. Please contact us to book this in advance