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Summer Holiday Classes



bouldering classes

Looking for a one off activity for your family or something to fill your young ones time
during the Summer holidays? We have something for everyone.

Scroll down for more information on available activities.

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bouldering classes

NICAS Intro (For ages between 7-14 years)


The introduction sessions are perfect for the youngster that has not climbed before and would like to work through a structured lesson, 2 hours per day for a week. They will learn essential safety for climbing and basic technique. At the start of the week will be issued with a NICAS book to track progress and the instructor will be aiming to have them complete Level1 by the last session (as long as they have attended all 5 sessions and have shown progress), so they will be leaving with a certificate to show they successfully completed the level.

This is booked as a block i.e 5days, 2 hours per day

Sessions are split by ages i.e. 7-10 years, 11-14 years

NICAS Development (For ages between 7-14 years)


This session is aimed at children that have previously completed NIBAS levels 1 & 2 and are working on Level 3 onwards. They will be working on advanced climbing technique and movement skills. The instructor will aim to have them progress through the level they are currently on and potentially complete the level leaving with a certificate and progressing to the next level.

This is booked as a block i.e 5days, 2 hours per day

Sessions are split by ages i.e. 7-10 years, 11-14 years



summer classes

Summer Minions (For ages between 3 - 6 years)


Minions classes are a great introduction to climbing for little ones. The kids are supervised by one of our coaches and learn about climbing in a safe environment through games and activities.

Minions last for 30 minutes and cost £8.50 per session, payable at time of booking.

Limited number of spaces per session

Classes are running during the summer holidays only



individual & family

Family Tasters/Climbs (max 5 participants, age 4+)


Fun and exciting opportunity for families to try climbing, together. This session is for a minimum 1 adult with a maximum of 3 children or 2 adults + 3 children.

Children Taster sessions (6 participants, ages 7-13)


A 60 minute group taster for children aged 7-13 years. This is an opportunity for them to try climbing in a casual environment with other children of a similar age and under the watchful eye of our qualified instructor.



Adult & Junior

Adult inductions (6 participants, ages 18+)


The induction covers everything we wish we'd been told the first day we went bouldering! Our aim is to take you from newbie to someone who is safe, knows their way around a bouldering wall, has good etiquette, and a good grasp of basic climbing technique. The 60 minute induction breaks down roughly to 30 minutes of safety and learning about the bouldering environment, and 30 minutes of coaching.

Junior 14-17yo Inductions


14-17 year olds may become junior members of Eden Rock provided that they can demonstrate safe, responsible use of the bouldering wall. Youngsters in this age range may climb unsupervised at the centre on completion of either a competency assessment or a junior induction. Any youngster seeking to become a junior member must be brought to their assessment/induction session by a parent or guardian.


Personal Coaching

Adult & junior

Personal coaching 1:1 – 60 minutes


60 minute session for any climber looking to develop their climbing skills. The session will be tailored to your climbing goals, be it climbing movement technique, push a harder grade or training tips. Sessions available for ages 8+



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