Carlisle’s indoor climbing centre

Eden Rock is a dedicated bouldering centre located near Carlisle city centre. Our friendly staff, beginners courses and massive range of circuits set by some of the UK’s most respected route-setters means we offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re a veteran looking for new challenges, or just looking to get involved with one of the world’s fastest growing sports, why not get in touch, check out our facilities, or just come find us

Why not have a look around?

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Or take a look at this video of two of our regular climbers: Phil and Evie.

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New Entry Prices - April 2016

What’s new?

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Recently set circuits

Katie Mundy.
Mickey Stainthorpe.
Dan Varian.

See the circuits page for insider info on each circuit…

  Colour Date up Date down Grade range Setter  
Purple 18 Apr 27 Jun 3 - 5+ RL, MS, KM & DV
Green 18 Apr 27 Jun 4 - 6a+ KM, DV, MS, RL,
White 25 Mar 23 May 4 - 7b DV, RL, KM
Yellow 02 May 09 Jul 5 - 6b MS & KM & RL & DV
Blue 28 Apr 04 Jul 6a - 6c MS RL KM DV
Red 11 Apr 13 Jun 6c - 7b+ DV, MS, RL & KM
Black 29 Feb 09 May 7a - 7c DV & MS & RL
Woods 11 Mar 16 May 4 - 8a MS, DV, KM & RL
Organic Circuit Board 28 Mar 14 May 5- 7c (sport) MS, DV, RL
Orange 14 Mar 30 May 5+ - 6a+ MS, DV, KM