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Adult Classes

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We offer a range of classes for adults at every level. Whether you've just discovered how much more fun it is than going to the gym, or you've been doing it for years and just need some help to reach that next level; we're here to help.

Adult Inductions (must be pre-booked)

If you're completely new to bouldering, you will need to complete an induction session with one of our instructors before you can become an unsupervised member. Inductions come in two flavours - 60minute inductions, and 30minute inductions. Head over to our inductions page for more information on what's involved so you can choose the right induction for you, and details of how to book. 

Adult Improvers Sessions

Coming Soon!

1to1 Coaching​

Our coaches have masses of experience, having coached everyone from day one beginners through to international athletes. So it's safe to say, if you're looking for a helping hand with your climbing, or even just the best possible start, we've got you covered!

Since our 1to1 coaching is tailored to your individual needs, the first step is an assessment session with one of our coaches. The assessment is a standard 2 hour session in which we discuss your climbing history, identify current strengths and weaknesses, and agree on set goals. The assessment session also helps us to match you with the best coach for your level and goals. The assessment session costs £40 for the two hours.

After the assessment, private coaching starts at £25/hr depending on the level of coaching required - please do get in touch if you'd like to book, or if you have any questions. 

Wednesday Youth Night (for 14 - 17 yrs with full membership)​

Our youth group night is a great opportunity to socialise with people of a similar age and similar interests. You must have your own full membership to participate just pay your entrance fee and join in. Runs every Wednesday 19:30 - 21:00.

Wednesday & Friday Student Days​

Every Wednesday & Friday at Eden Rock Carlisle is a student day! We ​offer an additional discount off the normal concession price - entry all day on Wednesdays is just £6, for as much climbing as you want. Even better than that, because we love our student members, you even get a free cup of tea.

Thursday Night Social Climbers​

Coming Soon!

Friday Ladies Night (1st Friday of the month)

Ladies' Night is a FREE informal social group session for female climbers to get together, have a climb and have some fun! The session is led by a female coach and there's no need to book, just rock up and join in. The session runs the first Friday of every month from 7.30pm, just pay your normal entry fee! See social media for more regular updates

Please note that you must be 14+ and either a member, or signed in as a guest by a member.

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