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Adult Inductions (must be pre-booked)

If you're completely new to bouldering, you will need to complete an induction session with one of our instructors. Inductions come in two flavours - the 60minute full induction, and the 30minute safety briefing.

60 minutes - £25 for an individual or £20 per person for group inductions.

The full hour induction covers everything we wish we'd been told the first day we went bouldering! Our aim is to take you from newbie to someone who is safe, knows their way around a bouldering wall, has good etiquette, and a good grasp of basic climbing technique. The 60 minute induction breaks down roughly to 30 minutes of safety and learning about the bouldering environment, and 30 minutes of coaching. As well as all the great advice, the 60 minute induction includes:

  • FREE £5.00 annual membership

  • FREE shoe hire

  • Discount on your first months pass

  • A 15% discount in our shop

  • AND a free hot drink!

30 minute Induction - £15

The half hour Induction covers all of the safety and etiquette you get in the 60 minute induction, but without any of the coaching. Your annual membership fee is still covered and you get the discount of your first months pass, but no free hot drink or discount in the shop.

We also recommend that you book an induction session if you've not climbed for some time or if you have only done roped climbing in the past. In a similar way to using ropes and harnesses, there are particular skills you need to be proficient in to stay safe when bouldering.

Inductions for parents

Inductions can also be run for parents and kids. We run these for 30 minutes and at a maximum ratio of one adult to two kids so that you can sign the kids in after the session. For these sessions you pay the price of the adult induction, plus the standard entry price for the kid(s). As this is an educational session we suggest that parents with more than one very young child (<6yo) are generally better to book an induction separate to their kids. This is because it can be tough to both manage the kids in the centre, and take in all the relevant safety information!

Junior 14-17yo Inductions (must be pre-booked)


14-17 year olds may become junior members of Eden Rock provided that they can demonstrate safe, responsible use of the bouldering wall. Youngsters in this age range may climb unsupervised at the centre on completion of a junior induction. Any youngster seeking to become a junior member must be brought to their induction session by a parent or guardian.

Induction sessions last approximately 60 minutes and cost £25, or £20 per person for more than one youngster.

Note - these sessions are an assessment of competence and responsible use of the facilities. Should a youngster not meet the required standard for safety the instructor will provide guidance on next steps. Please also note that youngsters who gain junior memberships cannot supervise junior climbers or novices, and will have their unsupervised access revoked if they fail at any point to adhere to the conditions or use.

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