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Your First Visit - Membership


In order to climb at Eden Rock you either need to be a member, or be signed in as a guest by a member. Membership lets us know that you can keep yourself safe whilst climbing, gives you cheaper entry each visit and allows you to sign in up to two novices. You can become a member if you are already an experienced climber, or by booking one of our induction courses.

Annual Membership - £5.00

One Day Membership - £2.50

Daily Entry Prices


There are a range of entry prices depending on age/student status etc. Once you've paid your day's entry you can climb for as long as you like, you can even go away and come back again later!

Standard Adult Entry - £9.50

Concession Entry (14-17yo; FT Student; 60+)  - £8.50

Adult Non-Member Entry - £10.50

8-17yo Junior Entry - £8.50

Under 8s - £6.50

Under 5s - FREE with paying member



Passes allow you to use the wall as often as you like. If you've caught the climbing bug and you're visiting us regularly, a pass is the most cost effective way of using the wall. Passes are either paid for monthly by Direct Debit, or annually as a one-off payment.

Direct Debit Passes

Standard Adult Monthly - £55

Concession Monthly - £50

Student Monthly - £29

Joint Wall Monthly (Carlisle & Edinburgh) - £60

Family Direct Debit Passes (Adult+Child)

1+1 Family Monthly - £65

1+2 Family Monthly - £75

2+1 Family Monthly - £110

2+2 Family Monthly - £120

Annual Passes

Standard Adult Annual - £500

Concession Annual - £450



Get a punchcard and you buy yourself a block of entries to the wall. These entries don't expire, so you can use them any time. This is particularly useful if you visit us sporadically. We do a '11 entries for 10' punchcard, and also a '23 for 20' punchcard which means the more you buy, the cheaper it is per visit.

Standard Adult 11 for 10 - £95

Standard Adult 23 for 20 - £190

Concession 11 for 10 - £85

Concession 23 for 20 - £170

Shoe Hire


In order to use the centre you must wear climbing shoes. If you don't have your own you can either buy a pair from the great selection available in our shop, or you can hire them for the day. Hire shoes cost £3.00 for adults and £2.00 for kids. 

GB Climbing Team & Elite Support


We're very proud to work with youngsters who are also members of the GB climbing teams. We're also committed to supporting the development of elite climbers in the UK and so we offer free entry to current members of the GB Climbing Teams. Eden Rock also sponsors some amazing elite climbers - find out more here.

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