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We're Closed Again :(

Customer Update


We're Closed Again :( COVID Customer Update


Unfortunately, as of the morning of the 26th of December 2020, Eden Rock Edinburgh will temporarily be closing its doors once again to our beloved customers.


The Scottish Government recently implemented a country wide elevation of the tier system, to tier 4 in light of a new COVID-19 strain. This means that many businesses, including us, are being forced to close again. We hope that we will not have to remain shut for too long so we can all climb together again soon.

Information for pass holders:

- All annual passes will be paused for the duration of the closure, and restarted again when we reopen. 

- All Direct Debit passes will be put on hold from the morning of the 26th.

- All punch cards will remain unaffected and can be used as normal when we reopen.


As before, if you are able to, and would like to support the business by keeping your direct debit running as normal, we thank you, and ask that you email us at so we can arrange that for you.

We hope you all have a lovely time over the festive period - look out for each other and keep in touch. We'll miss you all.

Big love - Team Eden Rock ❤️

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