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Eden Rock & COVID-19:FAQs
UPDATED 23.8.21

Eden Rock & COVID-19 FAQs

UPDATED 23.8.21

• When are you reopening?

We reopened to the public at 10am on the 26th of April 2021. We are happy to say we are still open for business!

• Are your opening times the same?

Our opening times remain unchanged with the exception of Wednesday mornings. For the time being we will be opening at 10am instead of the usual 6am on Wednesdays.

• Do I need to wear a mask?

We ask that all customers please wear a mask at all times when visiting the centre unless:

    - You are climbing

    - You are under 12 years of age AND climbing outwith a class or instructed session.

    - You are sitting eating or drinking

    - You are using the gym

    - You are medically exempt


• How is Eden Rock managing social distancing?

We will be managing social distancing in ways you’ll no doubt already be familiar with. This includes markings on the ground to assist with queue spacing, screens between customers and reception staff, a one way system for entry and exit, as well as managing capacity for the centre as a whole. Staff will also be circulating to keep everyone safe and remind everyone of the new rules.


• How has Eden Rock adapted it’s cleaning policies in response to COVID?

We will continue to carry out daily cleaning of the centre, however we will clean high traffic areas and door handles/push plates on a more regular basis throughout the day. 


Our expectation is however, that customers will be responsible for their own hygiene whilst using the centre. This includes, but is not limited to: use of the provided hand sanitiser on entry and exit, as well as throughout your session. We also ask that customers wipe down gym equipment after use with the spray and paper towels provided.


• How is Eden Rock’s capacity being decided?

We are basing our capacity on the guidance of the Association of British Climbing Walls. The capacity is currently based on an area of 7msq per person, however we have been conservative with our capacity in order to allow for plenty of space for everyone using the centre. 

Certain areas of the wall such as the gym, kids room and training areas will have additional signage indicating maximum occupancy at any one time and we ask that you adhere to these. 



• How is capacity being managed?

We are now operating a sign-in and sign-out system in the wall. This allows us to see exactly how many people are in the wall at any one time. The only change for our customers is that you need to remember to sign out before you leave the wall!

As we have limited capacity, please try to keep your sessions to around 2.5hrs max. Also, if you've finished climbing, please sign out and leave promptly to allow someone else to use that place and have a climb!

• Can I still just turn up to climb at any time?

Yes! You don’t need to book, however we’d recommend checking our live capacity feed for up to date info on how many people are in the wall. If we’re full, you may have to wait.

• Can I bring my kids or guests? What about dogs?

Yes! Members can now sign in up to two guests. This includes novices and kids. Supervising climbers are solely responsible for the safety of their guests, and their adherence to our new rules, particularly correct use of face coverings, physical distancing and regular hand sanitising. Please note that as only registered climbers may visit the centre, we are currently not allowing spectators. Dogs are once again welcome in the centre at our discretion, provided that dogs are well behaved and owners ask at reception first.



• I had my pass frozen - do I need to do anything?

All frozen passes will be unfrozen from the day we reopen. You don’t need to do anything!

• I'm a student do I still get cheaper entry?

Yes - all students and concessions still benefit from a reduced entry price. We're even keeping the £6 entry and free cup of tea deal, but instead of Wednesday all day, this offer will now run Monday - Wednesday between 10am and 3pm. Note - you don't need to leave by 3pm, as long as you arrive before 3pm you're grand.

• I had a booking that was cancelled, what do I do? 

We will be restarting group bookings as soon as possible, whilst being careful to adhere to relevant guidelines. The safety of the youngsters, other customers and our staff is of course our main priority. When we have a definitive date for the resumption of classes we'll contact everyone who had a booking, to rearrange the session. Please be patient while we work through these as we have a lot of people to contact, we apologise for any delays.

• I had a youngster booked into your regular classes; when will these resume?

August 2021 - we will be resuming our regular weekly kids' classes after the 2021 Summer holidays. If you were already booked into a class, you still have a place in that class unless you tell us otherwise. We'll soon be contacting everyone individually who was booked into our classes, after which booking will be opened to those on our waiting list, then anyone else.


• I’m worried about climbing when it’s busy - is there a quieter time of day?

Generally our walls are quietest between opening and 4pm, so if you can, please come climbing during the day. Check the current capacity on the website if you’d like to get an idea of how many people are in before you visit. 



• Are toilets and changing rooms open as normal?

Our toilets and changing rooms will be open, but with restricted capacity in order to assist with social distancing. Our showers are now also open once again.



• Do I have to use liquid chalk?

Yes - please use liquid chalk instead of loose chalk where possible. Not only will this make the centre a less dusty environment, liquid chalk with a high alcohol content (available in centre) may act as a ‘back-up’ to regular hand washing/sanitiser.

• When will novices and guests be able to visit the centre?

Members can now sign in up to two guests. This includes novices and kids. Supervising climbers are solely responsible for the safety of their guests, and their adherence to our new rules, particularly physical distancing, mask use and regular hand sanitising.

• When are classes starting again?

We are now running inductions, private coaching and taster sessions. Please note that all instructed/coached sessions must be booked in advance.

We are running classes for kids during the Summer Holidays - these can be booked from the 26th of April by calling the centre.


Our usual block booked classes will resume after the 2021 Summer holidays.

• Can I still buy food and drink at Eden Rock?

Yes, we will have takeaway snacks and drinks available for purchase. 

• How will you deal with lost property?

Lost property can now be collected by customers at any time.

• I want to try something on in the shop - can I do that?

Yes, clothing items can now be tried on, provided that hand sanitiser is used first, and a face covering is kept on.

• Can external instructors/coaches bring groups?

Not at this time - due to our capacity management we can't be sure that there will be adequate space in the centre for external groups. Please contact us first if you are interested in bringing a group.

• Do you have a system in place to assist with ‘Test and Protect’?

We are required to keep a record of who climbed at the centre and when, so that in the event of a positive COVID test, we can assist the relevant authorities in contacting anyone who may be affected. We also encourage all our customers to use the Scottish Government's Test and Protect app. If you're using the app please make sure you keep your phone on you and not in your bag, as it uses bluetooth to track proximity to others.

If you have any questions which are not answered above or on our COVID Customer Information post please feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help!

Our procedures are based on the ABC Guidelines, which you can view here.

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