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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have a query about what we do or one of our services then have a look below and there's a good chance you'll find the information you're after! If you still can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us via email or on the phone.

• What is bouldering?


Indoor bouldering is a form of climbing that is done above crash mats at a relatively low height. You don’t need ropes and harnesses or lots of training, and it’s a really sociable and fun way to get fit and hang out with friends at the same time.


We create climbs of differing difficulties, which are indicated by the coloured holds. It’s up to you which climbs to try, and how much you challenge yourself!



• Can anyone try bouldering?


Yes! We have regular visitors to the wall from 3 years to 70+ years. Bouldering doesn’t need to be super physical and intense, you can choose a level that’s comfortable for your age and ability levels. And if you decide to push yourself, that’s great too!



• Can I come to climb if I've never done it before?


Yes you can! We welcome new and experienced climbers alike. As there are some safety points you need to be aware of whilst bouldering, we ask that new and inexperienced climbers complete one of our Induction Courses. This course covers all the skill you’ll need to feel confident and safe, as well as some top tips on good climbing technique.



• How much does it cost?


If you buy an annual pass, it works out as little as £1.20 per day! Standard adult entry is £8.50, and shoe hire is £3.00. Check out our Prices Page for a full list of prices and options. 



• How long can I climb for once I’ve paid my entry fee?


Provided you’re a member of the centre, once you pay for entry you can climb for as long as you want that day! You can even go away and come back for a second session if you have the beans!



• Is it safe?


We keep things as safe as possible with large crash mats under all of the climbing surfaces, and by ensuring that anyone using the wall is a competent and safe climber. That said, bouldering as with any form of sport carries with it some degree of risk and injuries can happen from time to time. 



• What do I need to bring?


Just comfortable clothing, and some enthusiasm! We recommend not wearing baggy clothes so you don’t get caught on the holds. You'll also need to leave rings and jewellery behind. 


Whilst climbing you need to wear special climbing shoes, and you can also use chalk to keep your hands dry and grippy. You're welcome to either bring your own climbing shoes or alternatively these can be rented or bought in our shop.



• Do you run classes?


We run a variety of classes for adults and kids. Check out our Adult Classes and Kids Classes pages for detailed information of everything we offer.



• Can my kids go bouldering?


Kids are natural climbers and love bouldering! Kids can go bouldering as part of a kids class or they can be signed in and supervised by a parent or guardian who is a member. Parents with little or no bouldering experience who would like to bring their kids simply need to book and attend one of our Induction Courses first. 


NOTE: In the interest of safety, any child must have their supervising adult with them AT ALL TIMES while using the centre.



• Do you have a cafe?


We do indeed. We serve a range of drinks and snacks with delicious traybakes from the amazing 101 Bakery, and the best coffee in the area from Pilgrims Coffee.



• Do you have toilets and changing facilities?


We have toilets and changing facilities as well as showers.



• What are your opening times?

-    10am - 10pm

-    10am - 10pm

-    10am - 10pm

-    10am - 10pm

-    10am - 10pm

-    10am - 8pm

-    10am - 8pm








• Where are you located?

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