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Pricing Changes: Customer Update


We're updating our pricing:

Hi Everyone!


We're very thankful that we are able to stay open to provide you with your bouldering fix.


Despite being open, it's still far from business as usual at Eden Rock. We are fighting to recover from the closure during lockdown, additional cleaning costs, and the financial impact of not being able to offer our usual courses, birthday parties, social events and classes. Add into the mix a reduced capacity and things start to get very tight!


As always, we try our best to listen and act on your comments and input. Our potential capacity working to industry guidelines is approximately 125 people. We've so far been operating with a reduced capacity of 100, but after listening to your feedback we're further reducing this to 90 to give everyone a bit more space.


Again following feedback from you guys, we want to do more to encourage people to visit us at less busy times to spread the load on the centre and avoid queues.


We've managed to keep our prices the same since we opened two and a half years ago, but due to the increased cost of running the centre, combined with the reasons above, we have made the tough decision to increase our prices at peak times. These changes will take effect from Monday 9th of November.


While we know this won't be the most popular news, the price increase will allow us to stay open, keep our routes regularly refreshed, keep improving the centre and keep offering you the best bouldering experience in town!


Here are the details:


Peak times

Weekdays 4.00pm-8.30pm

Weekends 10.00am-4.00pm


Membership Pricing

1 Day Membership - £1.50

1 Year Membership - £5.00


Entry Pricing

Note: Bar U8 yo entry, pricing at off-peak times remains unchanged.


New Peak pricing

Standard Adult Entry - £10

Concession Entry (14-17yo; FT Student; 60+) - £9

Adult Non-Member Entry - £11.50

8-17yo Junior Entry - £9

Under 8s - £6.50



All of our Direct Debit passes remain the same price


Adult 12month pass - £520

Concession 12 month pass - £470



Adult 11for10 - £100

Adult 23for20 - £200

Concession 11for10 - £90

Concession 23for20 - £180 

Please also refer to our pricing page for the most up to date pricing information.


Big love - Team Eden Rock

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