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We're Open!


We're Open Again!


With the wonderful news that Eden Rock Carlisle will be reopening from the 26th of July,  we're gearing up to welcome you back! We want to be sure that you are as prepared as possible for the various changes you'll see at both Eden Rock centres when they reopen, as we adapt to bouldering post-COVID.

Just like following our conditions of use to keep yourself safe at Eden Rock, we now need you to follow a few extra rules. Much of what you read below will already be familiar or expected; please do your best to stick to these rules to keep us, and the wider community safe.


Please Note: the information below is subject to change as the situation develops.



Here's what we need you to do:

 Stay home if you have symptoms of Covid-19, or if anyone in your household has it.

 Try to climb at times when the wall is likely to be less busy.

 Sanitise your hands when you arrive, during your session, and when you leave the wall. Hand sanitiser stations will be dispersed throughout the wall. Using soap to thoroughly wash your hands on departure is also acceptable.

 Respect social distancing when entering the wall, while climbing and when leaving.

 Sign in AND sign out each time you visit the wall.

 Follow directional signs and instructions. We have a new one-way system in place for entry and exit.

 Bring your own water - we will not be able to refill bottles/cups.

 Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands. If you must, do so into a tissue or your elbow.

 Avoid touching your face.

 Buy any food and drink at quieter times to keep reception as clear as possible.

 Pay at reception using contactless.

The rules above will be updated as necessary, should current Government guidelines change, and we will also keep you up to date on developments via Facebook and Instagram.




In accordance with government guidelines our capacity will be limited initially. Carlisle's homepage displays a live feed of how close we are to capacity. We recommend that you have a look at this prior to visiting us, as we will unfortunately have to ask you to wait until someone leaves if we are full.


When you arrive:


We will have a strict queuing system in place, please respect social distancing whilst queuing and be sure to sanitise your hands using the sanitiser station at the front entrance.


At reception please have your membership number ready so that we can sign you in as quickly as possible, and pay using contactless if you can. If you'd like to buy food or drinks, please wait until the reception area is quiet.


Please arrive changed and ready to climb if you can, in order to avoid using the changing rooms where possible.


Whilst using the centre:


As a boulderer you'll already be used to giving people space while they're on the wall, so please stay back when someone's climbing. Please also ensure that you're socially distancing whether you're on or off the wall - don't climb too close to others, and only stand within 2m of climbers from the same household.


Please wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water, or use the hand sanitiser provided during your session. Keeping your hands clean, and then avoiding touching your face is the name of the game!


If using the gym please sanitise your hands first. Also, please keep an eye on the signage which indicates maximum capacity - you may need to wait a few minutes if the machines are occupied. Once you've used a piece of equipment please spray it with disinfectant and wipe it down.


Take it easy! It may have been some time since you last climbed and you should ease back into it gently. Be sure to warm up gradually and give yourself a few weeks to get back to where you were pre-lockdown!


Leaving the centre:


YOU MUST SIGN OUT BEFORE LEAVING THE WALL. This is very important, as it allows us to accurately monitor our capacity. Please make sure you use the hand sanitiser at the exit before using the iPad.


As we are now operating a one-way system, please exit the wall downstairs to the right of the gym. This will be clearly marked and signposted.


Be patient:


We're trying our absolute best to get up and running so you guys can go climbing again, and there are lots of new procedures to get used to. Please be patient with our staff, as we learn to adapt to the ever-changing Government guidance.


We will be doing a phased reopening of both Carlisle and Edinburgh. Initially this means that we will only be open to experienced adult climbers and current members of the centre - no guests, kids or novices. Following this initial restriction we will allow guests, and we will be running select classes such as adult coaching, elite youth team and induction sessions. Once social distancing measures are eased further we will reintroduce our normal kids classes. Timings for these phases are TBC, please keep an eye out for announcements as things develop.


Please have a look at our COVID-19 Frequently asked Questions if you'd like further information.

We're looking forward to climbing with you all again very soon.


Big love - Team Eden Rock

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